Tuesday, February 24, 2009

M Street Grocery

I finally got to visit M Street Grocery today - I saw it go in a year or two ago, but wasn't really in the habit of buying groceries near downtown at the time. I am now since I work downtown and don't really like having to haul a week's worth of breakfast and lunch with me down the Hill. I've been visiting Pike Place and IGA Kress, but both are pricey with limited selection. And IGA Kress is in a basement.

M Street has a good selection, nice prices, really good sales (Organic Fuji Apples at 88 cents a pound!), and windows. Since the walk to M Street is a much nicer one than the one to IGA Kress - through Freeway Park and along 8th rather than through the the heart of downtown - I think I've found my new favorite actually-on-First-Hill-downtown grocery.

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