Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday was National Park(ing) Day

National Park(ing) Day was the awesome. We had just enough people to make for a fast set up and take down, and in between the park looked great. We had the plans of the park out (both the no money and the we raised all the money options) and Mithun dropped off their cute little model for us to show off. The best part was the green - sod, an ass-ton of potted plants, and even a tree :) Sometime soon I will have pictures - in the meantime, check out Catherine Antsett's wonderful collection of National Park(ing) Day pics .

We also got press, but I'm having a hard time tracking it down - King 5 News, Fox News, and the PI showed up, and all I've got to show for it is a short paragraph in the PI. Argh.

Speaking of eco-theatre hijinks - I'll be at Sustainable Ballard this coming Sunday afternoon with the Bring Your Own Bag folks. They're still fighting for the bag fee since the Plastics Industry undid the fee legislation and made the city put it on the ballot, presumably later this fall. Anywho, they'll have a info and game booth, and I'll be the carnival barker. Just look for the chick in the foofy plastic bag tutu.

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