Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So about those meetings...

The study and proposed legislation for a Pike/Pine conservation district looks very interesting. The idea is to promote development that fits in well with the present neighborhood structure, so it addresses issues like new development lot size, preservation of heritage buildings (75 years old and up), and inclusion of low-income/affordable housing. The nice people from the city said this was just the first piece, so I guess the next step will address signage rules that will discourage big box stores and national chains a.k.a. encourage local businesses along the Pike/Pine corridor.

The Pike/Pine Urban Neighborhood Council (PPUNC) meeting also had a parking study on the agenda that I couldn't stay to hear about. However, I'll post up both reports once I get a chance to scan them.

As for the park - the design looks good. The urban meander theme has really worked out well, Mithun is including native plants wherever they can, and there's a good mix of garden space and park space. The only problem is that the community has to raise $112,000 if they want the plan as it is...otherwise all we get is a grassy slope. Sigh. National Park(ing) Day and our first big outreach event is Friday, so we're off to a good start anyway.

Tonight is another double-header - I've got to hoof is down to South Lake Union right after work for what is basically the "how do we want to densify SLU" meeting, and then back to the hill at 7 to hit the Sustainable Capitol Hill Street Tree Plan meeting. More community updates soon :)

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