Friday, September 5, 2008

Something I forgot to say

Alternate title: "It's always worth getting up in the morning on Capitol Hill"

This Monday, I stumbled onto a sight of surreal awesomeness. Several, actually.

I was still recuperating from my PAX-filled weekend, and it was late morning when I made it out the door for food/caffeine. On my way to sustenance, I saw the first wonderous sight - art installations in the emptied buildings on Broadway.

A block and a half is to be demolished for the light rail station, and the Seattle Dept. of Transportation has kicked out all the tenants of the buildings on the said block and a half in preparation. To keep down graffiti and cranky neighborhood types, they've put art pieces in the empty storefronts.

Some of it's just posters put up to cover the boarded-over windows. There's also more elaborate installations, like the missile surrounded by a bunch of tiny stuffed tanks in the window of what used to be Twice Sold Tales (John and Broadway). My personal favorite is the installation at the former Chang's Mongolian Barbecue: neon signs in the window flash messages to passers-by like "Please Lie" and "Forget".

On my way back from sustenance, I walked through Cal Anderson park, where I spied a wedding party and a man in a rabbit suit. The wedding party wasn't out of the ordinary; the man in the rabbit suit in the wedding pictures with them was.

Turns out that there were a couple of people filming some kind of chocolate milk promotional video to put up on You-Tube...that involved a grown man and a guy in a rabbit suit playing on a swingset. Hmm. The wedding party ran into them and asked the bunny-man to be in some of the wedding photos. There's no accounting for taste.

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