Monday, September 1, 2008

PAX Notes III: The Return of PAX Notes

I'm going to have to go a little bit out of order here so I can relate the beauty and hilarity that was MC Frontalot's Saturday night show. (I was wrong, the Minibosses were not the highlight of the Saturday night concert).

First of all, MC Frontalot is hilarious. He's a nerdcore rapper - it's required. And he puts on a great show - lots of crowd interaction, completely spastic stage presence. His band gets into it too. He also completely endeared himself to me by singing two of his filthier pieces, "Yellow Lasers" and "The Pr0n Song". (Clickity here for lyrics).

Second of all, there were handpuppets. Everyone who managed to get into the Fallout 3 preview got tons of goodies, including handpuppets of VaultBoy, the Fallout series mascot (picture to your left). It is so godddamned cute when there's a crowd of holding their puppets all up at once, making them clap and dance around. Words can't express how adorable it was.

Third of all was MC Frontalot's mom. She was at the merch table. It wasn't that she was funny in and of herself - she actually seemed like a perfectly nice lady. Had an Obama button and everything. The hilarious part was the simple fact that a nerdcore rapper had his mom at the merch table. It was so perfect. There were so many completely inappropriate "your mom" jokes that (fortunately) went unsaid.

Let's see here...the last PAX bit I wanted to mention was the final round of the Omegathon. I missed the all the other rounds, which was a shame - I heard that the Jenga round was intense. In any case, the BF and I manage to get into the final round by merit of me needing to take a nap, so I figured I'd multi-task and wait in line while I did it.

The game was Vs. Excitebike - it's a BMX racing game that came out when I was about two. It ended up being a perfectly good last round game, except for the fact that Joey Gecko wiped out Fallout Boy by winning the first four races. Since all he needed was four out of seven races to win, it was over pretty quick. Watching Mike and Jerry play was cute, but Mike wiped out Jerry in four races, too. Where was the suspense?! The anticipation!?

The only reason I don't consider the hour and a half wait a waste of my time was because 1) I got to take a nap and 2) they gave us pipe cleaners to play with. I was very proud of my creations: I made a 2-D bunny and a 3-D tree which actually stood up on it's own. I still have the bunny, though I gave the tree away because it was a request from someone sitting next to us.

Final PAX verdict: I got way more than my money's worth from that $40 3-day pass. I am going to wrangle as many friends as I can into going next year. And I am definitely going to bring more caffeine.

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