Monday, September 8, 2008

It's good to walk through the city at night

Even though my feet hurt because I walked across half the city.

Even though my shoulder will have a permanent groove in it from my bag strap.

I love walking through my city at night.

There are some places in Seattle that remind me that however mundane my day might have been, this is still my bright city.

I decided to go to the International District after the Neighborhood Plan Update meeting(more on that later) because it was so close to city hall. And I wanted black bean buns.

I obtained the desired baked goods and wandered around Uwajimaya/Kinukuniya for awhile before I headed back up Jackson toward home. Jackson has great views of the the Harborview Building up on Beacon Hill. I know it's only a hospital, but it looks like an art deco citadel, especially when it's lit up at night.

I also like Jackson St. because it's beat up in places. Weeds grow up through the cracks and blackberries cascade down support walls so that the sidewalk starts to look more like an empty field than another piece of pavement.

I wandered home on beautifully neglected streets and stuck "Life on the Hill" stickers in easy to see places. An observation: self-promotion is hard work for my feet. But now I've got tiny little advertisements on 12th Avenue from Jackson to Pike. Here's to more blargh readers.

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  1. The stickers are working, I saw them at several posts and was quite curious. I hope it continues.

    - Fellow Capitol Hill-er, Girl Gamer, and Internet addict.